Just Like Nonna's
The Story of Just Like Nonna's
If you grew up with an Italian Nonna, who was an excellent cook, you can go home again.
Home to
Nonna's is a place that can bring back memories and if you've never has good Italian cooking then you get yourself to
130 Lincoln Avenue, Orange, New Jersey.
When we were young girls in New Jersey, we always looked forward to coming home to
Nonna. Every Sunday we could not wait until she
would start frying meatballs, the aroma was fabulous. It would wake you up from a deep sleep. My siblings and I, when
Nonna was not
looking would sneak meatballs, oh that taste. Then we would sneak Italian bread and dip it in her famous gravy.
Nonna (or Grandma) back
then was so little to us. We remember she spoke kind of funny but always had a warm hello and a habit of pinching our cheeks by her hot
pot of delicious gravy. We remember the giant Sunday feast at our dining room table, the home baked goods, the huge plates of
homemade pasta and salad's, and the main course and the food just kept coming and coming!. The meals always ended with some
delicious traditional desserts and we continue that tradition here at

We remember alot about
Nonna, but one thing we will never forget, her kiss goodye, her stories of her childhood in a beautuful land
faraway, her telling us to be "Good Girls" and the smell of her gravy. Oh the Gravy !. Thank  goodness she  gave us the recipes so we can
share them with you.
We are forever blessed that
Nonna lived with us.

Come enjoy a meal at "Just Like Nonna's" and you will feel like you are eating in your Grandma's Kitchen".
Our Nonna
Giorgina Palmeri